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GoSyncHost™ Version History
The latest version of GoSyncHost™ is:
v1.10 (2014.11.11)
  • Updated to work with FRP v2.2 and FRG v1.2.

v1.021 (2016.02.08)
  • This version has a fix to allow this older version to work with our current 2016 license servers and is included in the FlatRatePro v2.0441 download since they work together.

v1.02 (2014.01.01)
  • FileMaker 13 Fix - This build has an initial fix to allow Refresh to work on Devices and Licenses layouts.

v1.01 (2013.11.06)
  • Simplifies FlatRateGo file downloads. Fixed script that routes users to the correct file on the Downloads page when opening GoSyncHost directly. This update simplifies your FlatRateGo downloads because it will not present the non-manager level mobile users with the FlatRatePro download, it will just show FlatRateGo for download if the user is on a mobile device. Otherwise in previous version non-manager mobile users opening GoSyncHost are taken to the Downloads page, but FlatRatePro is shown instead of FlatRateGo. Then they would have to use the record slider to choose the FlatRateGo file to download. The manager level login will still open GoSyncHost with the Inbox layout by default, then click Download which will show FlatRateGo if on mobile or FlatRatePro if on FileMaker Pro.
  • Reset name to GoSyncHost™ across the top of window on all layouts since navigation buttons define the current layout.

v1.0 (2013.09.25)
  • Original public released version.